Monday, November 3, 2014

DIY elephant teething lovey....

im trying to get the pattern for this uploaded, until then here are pics lol. you can probably free hand it.

Its just a little taller than the 8.5x11 paper.
Cut the ear from page 2 out of one of your farics. tape the feet bottom to page one and cut out 2(i use coordinating fabrics(minkee and fleece just bc i had them handy) theres a space marked for a tail. i folded a ribbon in half and knotted the bottom but you could use fabric or yarn or leave it off. finished pic is the minkee elephant(pink and brown) work in progress pics are an organic bamboo one. 

Pieces you should have cut out. (if you do the ear fleece like the pink elephant you can do one layer but any woven fabric do 2 and sew right sides together, turn and topstitch to avoid fraying) You also want to make sure that if you are using 2 stretchy layers you add reinforcement where you put the snaps.

attach ear to marked spot on the "front" of your elephant. baste tail on if you choose to use one. I started at the top of the back stitching the two sides together, right sides facing each other and left a small 2" hole for turning rightside out.

Use a pencil or chopstick to poke legs and trunk . topstitch all the way around.  (this one is a circus elephant...hes on his head lol)

You can add embroidery before you sew if you choose, i did not on the elephant but did on the owl and hippo.

owl, hippo, giraffe and turtle tutorials coming as soon as i can get them uploaded

Thursday, August 28, 2014

DIY reusable bowl (or plate or casserole dish) cover

So, are you tired of buying (and throwing away) plastic wrap? Wel, here's an easy and cuter alternative.

First you need your bowl, a scrap of cotton fabric just a little bigger than the lip of the bowl, a piece of rip stop nylon(i use food grade) or PUL(NOTE: PUL is actually not tested for or recommended for use with food. I do use it for personal use, but any covers i sell are nylon) and a piece of FOE(fold over elastic).

Lay your bowl, upside down on the nylon with the cotton underneath that.

Trace a circle around the bowl, about 2" bigger in diameter (i have patterns for standard bowl sizes but you can totally just eye it, it doesnt have to be exact)

Cut out both pieces and straight stitch all the way around. Use a basting stitch this is just to hold them together while you add elastic.

No pictures of sewing the FOE on, sorry. I needed both hands. But stretch the FOE as you sew. Either a long straight stitch close to the edge or a wide zig zag stitch. I add a loop of ribbon to make removing the cover easier(and so i can hang them on a hook to dry). Stretch the elastic tight as you sew. finish the ends as you normally would FOE(sew two sides together, wrong sides together. fold under end, whatever. it will fray if you dont do something though) Place on bowl. 

I machine wash mine. you can also hand wash and hang to dry. Let me know if you have any questions:)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wooden Swing Tutorial

Ok this one is mine but it was similar lol

I was browsing playroom ideas a few weeks back and came acroos this adorable swing. So here's how you can make your own. Im not pricing stuff out bc it really depends on where you go and if you buy the exact amount or extra.
Ok first off, this can go indoors or out. If you use it outside you will want to use outdoor fabric and pressure treated wood. Or just dont leave it outside for extended periods. If you are hanging it inside you need to have your anchor bolt securely in a support beam.

1" wooden dowels 16" long (4)
1 yard of sturdy canvas, decorators fabric or outdoor fabric. The thicker the better
Sewing machine
5/16" nylon rope(2-10' pieces)
rope clamp
steel ring

First you will cut your fabric.
main "seat/sides" piece is 14'x36"
Back piece is 14"x11"
Front piece is 6"x11"

Pieces of fabric

fold 11" sides of the front and back pieces over 1/4" and iron. fold over another 1/4" and iron. pin and hem. then stitch over each piece again.
Fold the 36" sides of the seat piece in 1/4" and iron. Repeat.

Before you sew these down you will pin the front and back pieces centered under the folded edges.Wrong side of the front and back against the wrong side of the seat piece. Pin in place and straight stitch twice across each long side.

Fold the front and back piece out and iron. Straight stitch twice over these sections.

\Fold each raw edge in 1/4" and iron. Then fold each edge in another 2" and iron

You now have this. Stitch at least twice over each size close to the edge of the hem. I sew right on the edge of the hem then about 1/4 in from there. You now have pockets to slide the dowels into.

Set aside.

Take your 4 dowels and drill a hole 1" from the end on each side

Burn the ends of the 2 10' piece of rope and slide through the steel ring so you have 4-5' pieces hanging down.

Using the hammer secure the rope clamp under the ring to keep the ropes from sliding.

Slide dowels into pockets of seat. You will want the sides to be resting on top of the front/back dowels.

Thread ropes through pre-drilled holes and tie a stopper knot at the bottom of each rope.

You can sew a small 11x11 ish pilow to go in the swing. Clip a caribiner at the top of the steel ring and hang it up. All done!!!