Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cloth Pad Care

Caring for your cloth pads is really simple, especially if you cloth diaper also. Here is the simple process i recommend to all my customers.
1) Store used pads in a waterproof bag, bucket or any other handy container. i personally use a hanging wetbag that i keep in the master bathroom. Spraying or rinsing pads is optional. I do not spray or rinse and have never had a stain.
2) When wash day arrives, i recommend washing every 2-3 days, empty pads into washer. (I wash mine with my daughter's diapers.) Soak with 1/4 cup baking soda in cold water. Spin water out.
3) Wash pads on warm or hot followed by a cold rinse.
4) Hang dry or throw in dryer.
Thats it!!!!! Like i said i do not presoak, spray or rinse and have not had a stain in 3 years:) If you do not cloth diaper, you can wash pads with towels, sheets or anything else you wash on warm or hot.

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